• Purpose

    The purpose of this Center is to build the capacity of Federal and State public agencies and private entities to support people with disabilities in achieving self-employment, business ownership, or telecommuting as employment outcomes. Two specific objectives will guide the Center's activities.
    1) Increase the supply of trained personnel available to public and private agencies.
    2) Maintain and improve the skill, knowledge, and quality of rehabilitation personnel.

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Self employment Policies and Procedures

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Articles, Briefs, Guides, and Fact Sheets

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Webcasts, Q&A Sessions, and Online Course

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Innovative Rehabilitation Training
This program is designed to develop new types of training programs for rehabilitation personnel and to demonstrate the effectiveness of these new types of training programs for rehabilitation personnel in providing rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities; develop new and improved methods of training rehabilitation personnel so that there may be a more effective delivery of rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities.
Latest news
SHRM image: Creating Telework Converts

COVID-19 Is Creating Telework Converts

Telecommuting is the new reality for many U.S. employees. Many are saying they want to continue working from home when the threat of COVID-19 has passed, even as companies grapple with how - and when - to safely return people to the workplace.

The pandemic inspired a surge in new businesses. Photographer: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

How Covid Inspired a New Generation of Entrepreneurs

The pandemic forced everyone to adopt new technology and rethink their jobs, spurring our economy to lean into independent work. - Humans normally respond to big unforeseen shocks in one of two ways: either they recoil from risk-taking as we saw after the Great Depression, leading to the creation of the modern welfare state and a generation that feared the stock market; or they accept that risk is part of life and learn to embrace it - as they did in the Roaring Twenties after the 1918 flu and 1920 recession. So far it looks like we’re going with the 1920s - at least from an economic risk perspective. Entrepreneurship rates are up.