• Purpose

    The purpose of this Center is for assisting and supporting individuals with disabilities pursing self-employment, business ownership, and telecommuting.

    We will develop a new training program which will include modules and instructional materials for educating VR counselors and other VR professionals and paraprofessionals.

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Self employment Policies and Procedures

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Articles, Briefs, Guides, and Fact Sheets

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Webcasts, Q&A Sessions, and Online Course

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Innovative Rehabilitation Training
This program is designed to develop new types of training programs for rehabilitation personnel and to demonstrate the effectiveness of these new types of training programs for rehabilitation personnel in providing rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities; develop new and improved methods of training rehabilitation personnel so that there may be a more effective delivery of rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities.
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Long-term telework seen as key to retaining feds with disabilities

Federal employees in many agencies have spent the majority of this year working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic. This major shift in workplace culture has forced agencies to rethink a range of daily processes, including conducting virtual interviews with prospective hires and onboarding new employees without having them set foot in an office. Congress and agencies have also looked at the benefits of recruiting remote workforce with in-demand skills that might not otherwise seek out government work.