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DVI-VR (Department for the Visually Impaired – Vocational Rehabilitation)

Policy Summary on Self-Employment:

DVI-VR considers self-employment for DVI-VR customers when it is consistent with their strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests and informed choice, and may be a viable alternative to achieving a positive employment outcome. Self-employment includes, but is not limited to, telecommuting, establishment of a small business or any other form of employment where the consumer takes control. 

Assistance from DVI-VR could include assisting the consumer to engage in telecommuting; establishing a small business or any other form of employment where the consumer takes control; providing technical assistance and other consultation services to conduct market analysis, or develop business plans; and otherwise provide resources, to the extent such resources are authorized to be provided through the statewide workforce investment system. There is no restriction on the type of “legal” activity or business in which consumers may want to engage.  The counselor is responsible for following procedures referenced in the policy (16A.2).

Per 16A.2, during plan development, the counselor considers the consumer’s disability and assesses each of the following prior to developing an IPE for self-employment:  the consumer’s business potential; the feasibility of the business plan and market analysis; the consumer’s education and/or training; the technical assistance and resources that may be available to create a business plan.  The request to develop a business plan is not synonymous with approval.  Assistance from external contractors and community resources is available to provide support with items listed above.

Business plan requirements include a description of the business, products, and services, sales and marketing plans, operating requirements, financial management and concluding narrative.  The business plan should clearly outline the steps taken to ensure the feasibility of the concept. Business plans must be approved by the Director.  After the Director’s approval the business plan is incorporated in the IPE.  

DVI-VR should not be considered the total funding source of the self-employment venture.  For any equipment or initial stocks over the cost of $10,000 DVI-VR requires written estimates from three potential vendors.  There is no cap for self-employment funding listed in the policy at this time.