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Idaho VR Policy Summary on Self-Employment:

The primary goal of the IDVR is to assist the customer in attaining a suitable competitive employment outcome that results in financial self-sufficiency. Self-Employment is one option that may be considered to assist the customer in selecting a vocational goal. The impediment created by the customer’s disability must be addressed in the overall comprehensive assessment leading up to Individualized Plan of Employment (IPE). The successful self-employment enterprise is operated by a participant who can demonstrate an array of skills and abilities, including; organization, business and financial management, marketing and other talents, as well as, knowledge and expertise in the goods or services being produced. These may be accomplished through natural supports or other resources and would need to be included in the self-employment plan. It is essential that the participant is well informed of potential risks and that efforts are made to minimize those risks. A vocational evaluation/career exploration may be used as a method of assisting the customer and VRC in deciding if self-employment is a possible viable option. Vocational evaluators have a variety of instruments, work samples, inventories and other strategies to use in providing feedback and information related to self-employment. 

There may be a need for VR services prior to a commitment from IDVR on a self-employment plan. It could be appropriate for IDVR to assist a customer in services, such as training needed for certain skills or business knowledge before the decision is made by the customer and VRC to pursue the development of a business plan. IDVR values appropriate self-employment as a viable vocational outcome. Self-employment is presented by the VRC within the repertoire of vocational options and may be considered by customers and VRCs as they work toward the development of an appropriate vocational goal. IDVR supports active, not passive or speculative, self-employment goals.

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