State Policies

Michigan State Policies

Michigan Self-Employment Policy:

Self-employment, including small business, may be considered as a vocational option for eligible individuals if:

• it reflects the individual’s informed choice;

• is consistent with the individual’s strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, interests, abilities and capabilities, including appropriate accommodations.


Self-employment plans shall be supported, at least in part, by resources beyond MRS, and make appropriate use of available community benefits and resources.

All self-employment plans that involve starting a business venture shall have a viable Business Plan prior to the approval of the Individualized Plan for Employment. Small business enterprises may be supported by Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) as part of an IPE if they:

• comply with all relevant state, federal and local laws and regulations

• are owned and operated by the individual being served by MRS

• are organized as a “for profit”, as appropriate

• do not involve speculative activities (i.e., pyramid ventures)

• are designed to become a major source of income for the individual to the greatest extent practical.

A case closed successfully in any form of self-employment shall reflect income and other criteria described in the Business Plan or the IPE. Because business enterprise plans require extensive development activities, the period of time required to develop an IPE will often exceed the standard 90-day time frame. Closure of business enterprise and other self-employment cases must be considered on an individual basis, consistent with the criteria for successful employment established in the IPE, and is likely to exceed the minimum 90 day follow-up period required for all successful closure.

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