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Nevada State Policies

Nevada Introduction and Definition of Self-Employment:

The Division considers self-employment as a valid employment outcome option and one that can be considered by participants and counselors as they work toward the development of an appropriate vocational goal.

For the purposes of this policy, “self-employment” refers to an employment outcome in which an individual works for profit or fees in “their own” business, profession, or trade. The participant will manage and operate a business they own. Self-employment requires that the business is, at a minimum, 51% owned, controlled and managed by the Division’s participant.

“Self-employment” is intended to lead to self-sufficiency and a “livable income” (it is anticipated net income of the business will meet the individual’s basic needs). Self-employment and business ventures intended to supplement other income (such as SSI and SSDI) but not lead to self-sufficiency may receive up to $3,000.00 in VR funding towards the self-employment plan. The Division will not support hobbies as defined by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules. See: Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center- Stages of Owning a Business- Starting a Business Self-employment goals must be achievable within a reasonable amount of time as agreed to by both parties.


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