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Washington State Policies

Washington Self-Employment Services Policy:

The VR Supervisor must approve any self-employment service, including feasibility analysis for a self-employment enterprise. This means that the VRS must be consulted for a determination during vocational assessment and prior to IPE signatures and approval, as the feasibility study should not be included on the customer’s IPE.

In consulting about and approving services that will lead to an employment outcome in self-employment, the VRS should find a clear rationale written by the VRC in the case narrative explaining how the following information about the customer indicates the customer’s likely success in self-employment:

1. The customer’s ability to maintain and retain the specific self-employment enterprise under consideration, including, but not limited to any:

• Disability-related issues or concerns;

• Barriers to employment and how self-employment addresses these barriers;

• Strengths and interpersonal skills;

• Resources, including financial resources;

• Money management skills;

• Credit history, including bankruptcy;

• Overdue child support;

• Tax or debt issues;

• Other legal proceedings;

• Long-term supports, if supported employment is required; and

• Income needs.

2. The customer must have resolved bankruptcy or other legal proceedings, overdue child support, and overdue taxes prior to the development of an individualized plan for employment (IPE) with self-employment as the employment outcome. DVR does not assist with the payment of court fees, attorney fees, fines, or penalties related to illegal acts that result from any civil or criminal legal proceedings or related matters.

3. The customer has the specific skills and aptitudes (or is likely to obtain the specific skills and aptitudes) to perform the essential functions of the job tasks required by the self-employment enterprise under consideration.

The VRS may approve the services based on the presence of these criteria.

Policy Link: (pages 464-465)