Telecommuting Training Series

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The Telecommuting Training Series is a two-part training focused on gaining an in-depth understanding about how remote work can be an option that leads to employment success for many people. Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors will learn about the benefits of telecommuting, potential support considerations, and how to determine if this type of employment is a good fit for the jobseeker.

Dates & Times

  • Wednesday February 8th, 2023  12:00 - 1:30pm EST
  • Wednesday February 15th, 2023  12:00 - 1:30pm EST

Training Modules

Telecommuting Part I: This module focuses on the basics of telecommuting, including learning about the tasks, technology, and logistics that are often involved in remote work. We will discuss person-centered considerations, such as interests, skills, attributes, ideal working conditions, and supports, all of which help to determine if telecommuting is a good fit for a jobseeker.

Telecommuting Part II: This module will provide information on how to best support the teleworking employee as well as the employer. We will explore funding decisions for common tools and resources that may need to be purchased as part of a plan. Finally, we will learn about when and how someone might consider self-employment through telecommuting as an opportunity for success.

For further information please contact:

Julie McComas
Senior Consultant
Griffin Hammis Associates / The Center on Self-Employment

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