Self-Employment Courses

Self-Employment Courses

Self-Employment through the VR Lens

This seven-module series guides Vocational Rehabilitation counselors through the steps to support self-employment, from intake/eligibility through case closure. Modules 1 and 2 introduce self-employment, highlight its potential benefits and opportunities, and explain the steps to become self-employed. Modules 3-7 follow the VR service delivery model, addressing self-employment considerations at every stage (e.g., intake and eligibility, IPE development, etc.). Designed specifically for VR professionals, the series explores the VRC's roles and responsibilities when supporting self-employment candidates and provides practical information, tools, and examples.

Counselors are encouraged to complete all seven modules in the series but have the option to complete the ones they need the most.

Time: 1 hour per module (average)

CRCs: 1 CRC per module

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Orientation to Self-Employment and Telecommuting for Rehabilitation Counseling Students

This four-module curriculum developed for rehabilitation counseling programs offers students an overview of self-employment and telecommuting options, the benefits of using these approaches, and steps rehabilitation counselors can take to support people with disabilities to pursue these employment outcomes. Rehabilitation educators can add this four-hour curriculum to a rehabilitation counseling class as a structured learning component.

Anyone interested in building a basic understanding of self-employment and telecommuting options for people with disabilities will benefit from completing this course as well.

Time: 4 hours for the course

CRCs: 4 CRCs for the course

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