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Suzanne McKinley

A Personal Journey with Work Incentives - Using PASS for Self-Employment
Suzanne McKinley


Suzanne McKinley started multiple businesses for other people prior to acquiring a severe disability. In midlife, she found herself on SSDI, with two children, one divorce, and a ten-year-old Volvo. When she decided to try working, self-employment and business ownership seemed second nature for Suzanne. A natural student, she had collected multiple master's degrees, multiple licenses, and learned self-accommodations for her disability. One thing she had not counted on was the resistance of bankers and other business professionals to assist a woman with few resources and a disability. Suzanne persisted, forming Prism Group, LLC, a business in Iowa with support staff and subcontractors that eventually exceeded $100,000 in gross revenues. In this webcast, learn the steps that Suzanne took to develop over $20,000 in needed operating capital funded through SSA's Plan for Achieving Self Support (PASS).