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Three Models of Self-employment

Presented By:
Debra Noel, START-UP/Florida

Tammy Jorgensen Smith, Ph.D., CRC, Associate Professor, Department of Child and Family Studies - Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling, University of South Florida
June 17, 2009

This webcast will present information on three models of self-employment that are being evaluated as part of START-UP/Florida. These models include: BOSS (Bridging Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency), METTA (Micro-Enterprise Training and Technical Assistance), and FastTrac". Each of the three programs has identified future entrepreneurs who are participating in one of the models. Although each model addresses self-employment in a different way, START-UP/Florida plans to bring real issues to this presentation by sharing the true stories of how all entrepreneurs are faced with common challenges. Many individuals have few natural supports and lack financial resources, but they are investing their lives to pursue their dreams of owning a small business. This webcast will draw from the experiences of many customers, but will focus on the how one person is overcoming amazing obstacles in their quest to improve their quality of life through self-employment.