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Elevating Self-Employment with Social Media

Presented By:
Trevor Dealy, Entrepreneur of Trev’s Trades

Tia Dealy, Trevor's Mother

Raven , Assistant to Trevor

Ciara Ladroma, Senior Associate, Griffin-Hammis Associates
May 16, 2024

Social media continues to make its print in history as a free marketing resource for entrepreneurs to showcase their products or services to millions of people worldwide. In this webcast, join Trevor Dealy and his mother, Tia Dealy, to share how one simple video posted on their TikTok platform received nearly three million views within 24 hours, which resulted in selling out the entire Trev’s Trades inventory and a loyal 31k+ following. Today, Trevor’s artisanal soap quickly and consistently sells out after each new product launch is shared on their social media platforms.

Learning objectives:

  1. Reflect on the growth of Trev’s Trades purely from the power of social media. 
  2. Identify three key strategies small business owners can implement for their social media platforms.
  3. Identify what content and social media platform works for your brand to showcase your product and/or service.


Introducing Trevor Dealy, the creative mind behind Trev's Trades, a venture born from passion and perseverance. Trevor's journey into self-employment was driven by a desire for independence and a deep love for crafting unique products. Drawing inspiration from his personal experiences, he embarked on this path to not only create quality goods but also to empower himself and others. Through Trev's Trades, Trevor showcases his dedication to authenticity and craftsmanship. His story, chronicled on his website, TrevsTrades.com, reflects his
resilience and determination to carve his own path in the world of entrepreneurship. With a commitment to excellence, Trevor has curated a collection of handcrafted soaps that resonate with authenticity and heart. Every purchase from Trev's Trades directly supports Trevor's pursuit of his dreams, enabling him to continue crafting and sharing his creations with the world. By choosing Trev's Trades, customers acquire exceptional products and become part of Trevor's journey towards self-fulfillment and success.

Tia Dealy is Trevor's incredible mom. She earned a degree in early childhood development and then taught and created programs for over 12 years. After Trevor was born, she solely dedicated her time and energy to his complex disabilities and medical needs. She tirelessly challenged the underprepared systems that failed to care for and teach her son. When Trevor was a teenager, she returned to school with the Council of Parents Attorneys and Advocates - the only nationally certified advocacy program. As an educational advocate in a law firm, she used her experience with Trevor to support and advocate for other people with disabilities and their families.

Raven supports Trevor in activities at home and in the community. She also assists with the development of life and job skills. Raven is a college student and has been accepted into the Nursing program. Besides working with Trevor and attending college, she also works as a CNA.


Ciara Ladroma has served the employment and entrepreneurial industries for the last 12 years with a focus on serving people with disabilities, women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ individuals. She has supported small business owners nationwide to create, launch, and grow their businesses. Ciara began her career in Supported Employment as an Employment Specialist and has since carried these unique skills and traits to all areas of her career. Previously serving as a Career Coach at Des Moines Area Community College and as the Director of the Iowa Women’s Business Center, Ciara has found ways to elevate communities by guiding people’s success through business ownership and career navigation. As an entrepreneur herself, she is able to take her own experiences and challenges to help others navigate their entrepreneurial hurdles. Ciara provides technical assistance and training on best practices regarding employment service delivery with a focus on Customized Employment and Self-Employment.