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Reviewing State Vocational Rehabilitation Self-Employment Policy

Presented By:
Joseph Jones, MPA, Executive Director, The Harkin Institute
September 21, 2021

The Harkin Institute for Public Policy and Citizen Engagement "serves as a venue and catalyst for dynamic non-partisan research, learning, and outreach to promote understanding of the policy issues to which Senator Tom Harkin devoted his career."  The Center on Self-Employment has partnered with The Harkin Institute to research the impact public policy has on access to self-employment services.  This webcast will provide an overview on the work of The Harkin Institute and their initial research on the project.


Joseph Jones serves as Executive Director for The Harkin Institute for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement. Before joining The Harkin Institute, Joseph was Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Public Policy for the Greater Des Moines Partnership. Prior to that position, Joseph served as a Legislative Assistant to Senator Harkin in Washington, D.C. Prior to that, Joseph served as Director of Governmental Affairs for the Iowa Finance Authority; and was the Senior Communications Specialist for Governor Tom Vilsack’s administration. Before that, he was the Chief of Staff and Education Director for Creative Visions Human Development Institute, a non-profit organization targeting at-risk youth in Central Iowa.

Joseph is a graduate of the United States Military Academy Preparatory School and earned his BBA in economics from Loyola University New Orleans. He earned a Master of Public Administration degree in public policy and a Certificate in Non-Profit Leadership and Administration from Drake University. Joseph also received his Ph.D. from Drake where his research focused on the intersection of civics, experiential learning, and access. In 2018, he was the Executive in Residence at the University of Iowa’s College of Public Health and also serves on the faculty of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Institute of Organizational Management.